We are one of the leading road transport companies in Croatia. Using our fleet vehicles we perform transport of shipments to any location in Europe or in the former Soviet Union. The diversity of our fleet vehicles enables us to comply with every request our clients make, regardless of type, weight or volume of cargo.

Apart from transporting regular freight, we also specialise in transport of cargo which requires special temperature regimes, such as medicines and food, for which we use a number of different-sized refrigerator trucks.

We comply with the highest road safety standards. Our regular motor carrier insurance policy is worth EUR 100,000, all our vehicles are equipped with GPS tracking systems and temperature regime readout devices, and each vehicle is fitted with a reliable cargo area locking system.

Road transport services we offer:

  • Full truck load transport
  • Partial truck load transport
  • Pooled transport
  • Transport by van
  • Transport of cargo requiring special temperature regimes

We owe our status of a leading road transport company and freight forwarder to our dedicated team of licensed employees who hold IRU Academy diplomas, as well as to the continuous investment in fleet modernisation and information technology (tracking, communication and information systems).